Bluff & Beyond – Sussex

What to Expect:

When visiting the Sussex Area, the “Bluff” is the must visit trail in the area. Known to the locals as the “Bluff & Beyond”, these trails begin at Sullivan Park in Sussex Corner. From here you can also access the Sussex Nature Trail which follows Trout Creek from Sussex Corner to the Town of Sussex. The Bluff & Beyond Trails start along the corn field beside the river where you may want to take a dip after your ride. At the far end of the corn field, several trails can be accessed that will loop back and then up to the water tower where the main trail head for the Bluff trail begins. Your climb up to the Bluff is rewarded by an incredible valley view.


  • Green Circle
  • Blue Square
  • Black Diamond
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Primary Trail Type:
Cross Country
Total Distance:
15 km
Total Descent:
450 m
Total Vertical:
100 m
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  1. Main Parking

    The main parking area and Trail Head entrance is located at Sullivan Park in Sussex Corner.

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