Adaptive Bike at Sugarloaf Bike Park

With growing interest in recreational cycling, we wondered how accessible the sport of mountain biking actually is for all. This had us recalling the adaptive bike the team at Sugarloaf Bike Park brought to our Fall Summit held in Fundy National Park 2019.

Located in Atholville, New Brunswick, Sugarloaf Bike Park hosts a number of downhill and cross-country trails with a service offering high-quality rental bikes that includes a bike that is removing barriers for some to try the sport.

Sugarloaf’s adaptive bike is manufactured by Bowhead. The Reach model was purchased by the Province of New Brunswick as part of a program to make Provincial Parks more accessible. At the moment, anyone with mobility issues can use the bike and their first visit is free. As each individual’s needs are very different, the Park recommends a call to set up an appointment to use the bike. After a brief training session, riders can be on their way to enjoying the trails.


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